Lead forward to accelerate your organization

Empowering IT Leaders to drive meaningful change through hands-on training, workshops, and coaching


Help your team reach the next level. Schedule a half-day or full-day workshop, either in-person or online, to enhance your leadership team, identify and advance strategic initiatives, and develop your strategic plans. Also look for workshops to drive specific technology goals and adopt new work methods.

IT Leadership Focus

Select a half-day or full-day workshop from the IT Leaders program. We equip current IT leaders, managers, supervisors, and rising stars with the skills to drive meaningful change. Topics include strategic planning, coaching, and leading through change.

IT Management Essentials

Use a half-day or full-day workshop to focus on effective management skills. We help managers and supervisors to run an effective IT support organization. Topics include performance management, resource planning, and managing risk.

Writing Proposals

Do your proposals fall flat when you present them to your board or senior leadership? Writing proposals is an art that requires skills in rhetoric. In this 1-day workshop, attendees will learn several rhetorical techniques to create compelling proposals to sway decision makers. Methods include both classic rhetoric and new rhetorical shorthands such as Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Web Accessibility

Writing for the web requires supporting all users. Your beautifully crafted web content is meaningless if others cannot access it. In this 1-day workshop, we’ll explore the different issues surrounding web accessibility, including structured content to support screen readers, accessibility issues for low vision users, for non-color vision users, and for information design. Attendees will learn how to create content that can be accessed by everyone.

Web content strategy

Creating a website is more than just writing HTML code or using a web content management system. Your content strategy can make or break a website. Attendees at this 1-day workshop will learn how to leverage information design to organize and structure content to create web pages that follow a natural flow and are easy to understand.