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IT Leaders Program

Organizations need to invest in the next generation of IT leadership to become effective. New leaders need to learn new skills and comptencies in order to see things strategically and support the company's goals.

In our 4-day program (two 2-day sessions, either in-person or online) we provide IT leadership development to help your IT managers and supervisors quickly become effective leaders. By the end of the IT Leaders Program, your new leaders will be ready to take on new challenges in your organization!

What they'll learn: (selected topics)

Core competencies include:

IT Managers Program

IT Management is a practice that requires moving from simply doing to effective managing. If you want a highly-performing IT team, your managers need to add new skills to their "toolkit" in order to operate more efficiently.

In our 3-day program, either in-person or online, we build new toolkits and exercise new skills in your IT staff and supervisors. After this training program, your IT managers will be equipped to drive key outcomes.

What they'll learn: (selected topics)

Core competencies include:

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