Lead forward to accelerate your organization

Empowering IT Leaders to drive meaningful change through hands-on training, workshops, and coaching


Information technology is changing at a faster pace, and organizations need to invest in IT leadership to lead through change. Current leaders need to continuously evolve to meet challenges, and new leaders need to learn new skills and competencies in order to see things strategically and support the company’s goals. Also leverage specific training on technology and skills to advance your organization.

IT Leaders Program

In our 4-day program (two 2-day sessions, either online or in-person) we equip current IT leaders, managers, supervisors, and rising stars with the skills to drive meaningful change. Topics include strategic planning, coaching, and leading through change.

IT Management Program

IT organizations need to provide top level service. In our 3-day program (either online or in-person) we help managers and supervisors to run an effective IT support organization. Topics include performance management, resource planning, and managing risk.

Open Source in Business

Today’s organizations leverage open source software solutions to advance their organization or build new business models. In this 2-day training, attendees will learn about open source software, including licenses, how they differ, and what to watch for when using open source. On day 2, attendees will also learn how to establish an open source program office, including who needs to be part of the program office, and what those roles fill.

Writing for the Web

Your website may be managed through a web content management system, but sometimes it helps to know a little HTML  to make things look just right. In this 2-day training program, you’ll learn how to leverage HTML and CSS to help maintain your website. Topics include HTML, CSS, block elements, inline elements, and content organization.

Usability Testing

Usability applies not just to websites and software, but to instructions, documents, procedures, wayfinding signs, and any information product. In this hands-on training, attendees will learn the fundamentals of usability testing, and walk through all the steps to design, create, execute, and analyze a usability test. You’ll be well prepared to do your own usability tests in your organization.