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Make work-from-home more professional with these free Zoom backgrounds

Working remotely is the new norm. Working remotely often means you'll be connecting to colleagues over video chat. When you set up your new home office, consider the space behind you. This will be visible to anyone you connect with via video. Make sure your background is as clean and professional as possible.

Take a moment to evaluate your background. If you are working from a dedicated space like a spare bedroom, what is on the walls behind you? Use this opportunity to subtract any elements that clutter the home office area. Consider removing excess photos or artwork from the wall behind you, or at least out of your webcam's field of view. Do you need clients or colleagues to see photos from your last family vacation?

If your home office is in the corner of another part of the house, your background could be the dining room or kitchen. If possible, break up this view with a bookshelf or houseplant.

If you don't have the option to reconfigure what's around you, consider using the "Set background" feature in Zoom to set a virtual background. Zoom uses software to determine what is "background" and replaces that with a photo or other image. The Zoom client comes configured with a few default backgrounds you can use, but you can add your own.

Resist the temptation to add family photos, vacation photos, or anything that's too personal or odd. While it might be immediately funny to change your Zoom background to the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek, this isn't a professional way to represent yourself in a meeting.

Instead, use one of these free office-themed images as your Zoom background. These photos are from Pexels, a free stock photo website. All photos and videos on Pexels can be downloaded and used for free.


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